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Camping Trip September 2006
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
In Eastern Tennessee

The view behind site# M4, Elkmont Campground
Jakes Creek flows below with a rushing roar, similar to the sound of a hard rain shower.

Our pet, Honeybear in the foreground

After a rainy afternoon, an evening's hike on the outskirts of the camp reveals a misty fog hovering above the mountain

A bridge overpass with a view of the "Little River" trailing below

No special photo effects or alterations to the images here.
The combination of the fog and rushing water create the illusion of an artist's reproduction.
This was captured with my Minolta Dimage A2 digital 8.0 mega pixel camera

Close up of the rushing waters of the Little River

Black Bears Are In the Park!

We did have a bear encounter, (sorry, no bear pictures) and we were very fortunate that we were able to get away without incident. My husband and I, and our dog hiked into an abandoned area that was not a marked trail. We looked around a bit at some old homes and club houses from the Appalachian Club that were abandoned and marked “Federal Property” “No Trespassing”

The dirt road seemed to go on an on.

I told my husband that we really should leave the area because it was uninhabited, and that there could be bears around.

It started to rain and I started walking towards the area we came in. Silly husband decided to stand in the doorway of a house with our dog on a leash. (Thank God she was on the leash!) The next thing I knew he was calling me from behind and said he saw a bear, and then he said, “Jan, I’m not lying!”. He caught up with me and we walked as fast as we could out of there, glancing back quite often! What had happened was as soon as he stepped away from the abandoned house a bear was coming down the hill from behind another house which was across the way about 20ft from him. Had my husband kept walking he would have met directly in the path of the bear. He said our dog wanted to lunge toward it, and he pulled her back quickly. My husband detoured off the road into the woods behind where he was originally, and then back on the road again closer to where I was.
When we got back to the campground we reported it to the ranger's office and they made note of it. All was well.

The sun shined sweetly on our campsite the following morning!

This picture and the one above is from Camp Site # L7 at Elkmont

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All Rights Reserved All images and Text are original works of art and may not be duplicated without express written permission.