Welcome To Jancarmen

Personal Mission Statement

It is important to me to live a whole and honest life.
Giving my very best and feeling my very best,
so that others will benefit from me,
and be able to "pick my fruit" so to speak!
I will strive to be open minded,
honest with myself and others, loving and tolerant.
I will discard Judgmental attitudes and take on a cloak of love and forgiveness.
I will cast off the past and look forward to change.
I will seek help and deliverance from all ills that beset me,
from only the ONE who can heal.
The ONE who has an infinite storehouse of love and forgiveness.
I will devote my life to WILLINGNESS to become pliable
to ALL that MY CREATOR has in store for me.
I turn my life over to the TRUTH and I EMBRACE IT with open arms.

Copyright 06/02/2002 by Jancarmen